Count your blessing, not your misfortune

I have a very difficult situation to face today. Work has been extremely insane. But let’s be grateful for our blessing instead.

One, I had yummy nasi berkat from my ex driver who celebrated his daughter marriage. Its even more delicious because I know there’s so much more effort for this guy to pay for the nasi berkat for the guest. Bless her and her new family may they live happily ever after.

Two, my cousin got accepted to the university of her choice. I’m truly happy for her and wishing her a bright future ahead.

Let’s be positive.

Count your blessing, not your misfortune

Something for the Dry Skin

Lena posted a link on FD, which IMO well worth reading and I’ve heard of it couple of time. But anyway I want to quote the article so that I can look back into it when I need to. I dont copy the whole thing but most of it.

Skin Care Secret #1: All Moisturizers Are Created Equal.

The most important factor in how well a moisturizer works is not its special berry-juice-fish-oil-rare-tropical-flower-$15-dollar/ounce-ingredient. The most important factor in how well a moisturizer works is how you use it.

True, some moisturizers contain alpha hydroxy acids, humectants, or silicones which help soften, moisturize, and protect the skin respectively. However, any moisturizer, even simple mineral oil, can accomplish the basic tasks: 1. lock moisture in your skin and 2. provide a layer of oils to protect it. The important thing is to use it correctly.

1. Take a shower with warm (not hot) water. Use only non-soap cleansers, such as Dove, to wash. Real soaps strip natural oils off your skin unnecessarily.

2. Dry off by patting your skin with your towel.

3. While your skin is still damp from the water that has soaked into its absorbent outer layer, apply a thin coat of inexpensive moisturizer, such as petroleum jelly.

4. Repeat everyday for two weeks. You should go though at least one jar of petroleum jelly in that time.

5. After two weeks look closely at your skin. You will notice that it is smoother, healthier, and even younger looking (dry skin will wrinkle more easily and dull skin always appears older).


Anyway … got to do something else. Will get back to this article later.

Something for the Dry Skin

My bloody cup of tea

Blimey! The next book of Sookie will only available until when? May 2010! Ok Suck it up gal. Yeah after granddaddy Niall told Sookie “that vampire love you” which one! Now you want me to wait until *take a deep breath* frikkin May 2010? Oh well until then I guess I can settle for True Blood second season, which is pretty different from the book. So I must be quite happy? Not likely!

In an attempt to distract me from this series, I stumble upon another piles of other series. And guess what? Most of them are still to be continued and only available on december or even later next year. Yeah bloody hell. From one nasty TBC to the other.

Maybe I should start to read Dresden Files. After all I just love the show but after 1 season they discontinued the series. Damn you tv producer. Many of the shows that I enjoy ended up being thrown at the window – Moonlight, New Amsterdam, Dresden Files to name a few. I guess they should leave it to cable to produce fantasy world related shows, like True Blood that was awesome. With just the perfect mix of cast.

I’m intrigued by fantasy related stories from those cater to young adult such as Harry Potter and Twilight, to the famous Lord of the Ring and the other type of books which not even in the hype. I guess for me because these thing really assure me that there are weirder things on other people fantasy than those stalking my nightmare(?).

What I dont appreciate is, sometime when the book is vampire related they tend to have gruesome sexual scene. Oh puhlease!

My bloody cup of tea

The Virtual Identity

I’m sure many of us who has been gracing the virtual realm for quite sometime must have another identity unless you’re stupid or careless enought trotting around on your real identity. As much as the true you came out on this part of the realm, it will never be more than just a glimpse of who we really are in the real life.

A friend, who has been blogging for quite sometime, whose known with her screen name commented once that when her real name was conceal on an online article that the real name does not exist in the virtual world. Only the screen name is her real identity here. I must say, I have quite the same approach with her. I resent my real name on the article I written online because, here I’m known as deszell. Ok most of you know my real name. So what right? You all add me in my facebook. But, not in any part of my facebook I ever mentioned my nickname. So you see, I’m really avoiding the cross referencing between the two identity. True it’s not something in the closet, but I’m still inclined to put the two together.

Let it be known to those who knows me. Whose willing to know me enough beyond my virtual identity.

So how does it all started? It was 10 years ago that I took upon the name deszell. New to the Internet and was wowed on how connected I am with the rest of the world. I may be a high school student whose frustrated with her endless graduation essays and final exam. But that doesnt limit me from having  friends beyond the continent of Australia or even to keep intouch with friends back home. It was the remedy for the pressure of graduating high school with less than perfect score.

The implication of life beyond the real world and the networking that I build throughout the web just intrigue me. I guess the word ‘privacy’ scares the hell out of everyone that uses the internet. It has become somehow a rare commodity nowadays, as predicted when I written my graduation essay at that time. It intrigued me enough that I ended up choosing to major in something IS related for uni. Imagine, if deszell wasnt even there at that particular time I might ended up doing acturial studies (lotsa eeks statistics) or god knows what. It also would have not given me the opportunity of knowing FD and at some point completely explore the other side of me.

I was deszell who spent her night writting essays, accompanied by people halfway across the world from where I was. Chatting about life and becoming obsessed with Indie music.

I am now deszell, simply the beauty addict.

For those who knows who I am in the real world. I’m complicated.

This post should have come sooner, it’s 2 months late but anwyay happy birthday dear deszell. You’ll always be the other side of me.

The Virtual Identity

On Twitter

Mr. Big boss commented on the twittering behaviour yesterday when meeting the 3 brilliant youth from the region. He asked “what do I write? I’m having italian for dinner!” Than he lough ever so freely. He said “what’s the fun in that? Its like life in the fishbowl!”. Very true indeed. I’m feeling like a goldfish in a giant fishtank.

So what’s the fun? You tell me, I don’t know. At least its the other side of me that is on the fishbowl. The deszell side of me. Tee hee!

On Twitter

Fall I’m in Love!

Its official. I’m in love with fall faces. It’s so brazen, deep and fiery!


Stila Cosmetics, Smitten with Kitten Fall 2009. The cobalt blue with clean looking face and subtle blushed pink on cheeks and lips. WOW! Sweet looking gal turn fiery!


Shu Uemura, Primitribe Fall 2009. Yellow? Torquise? That pink blushed cheeks and lips again? Def the yellow and torquise eyeliner. Def!


Ive been secretly in love with plum for quite sometime. This looks is jaw dropping. All plum but still work? How did it happen? NARS Fall 2009


More purple this time from Urban Decay Fall 2009 collection. Yeah baby bring back those deep purple varnish. Its time for me to belong in the moment and not to be commented as gothic.

 All Images are the courtesy of

Fall I’m in Love!

Sunday brunch ala Toorak Rd

Most of the time when I was in melbourne, I usually spend my sundays with the siswantos, arnie, and other bunch of the yimsa troops whoever one available at that given time.

Since the siswantos unit at darling st is always the basecamp its only natural that brunch or supper is spent at la porchetta at toorak rd.

Today, sunday, like any other sunday we stroll the mall and at grand indonesia there’s a la porchetta outlet so we decided to go there. I ordered what I always order – tortellini pollo e funghi and bbq chicken pizza. Must I say its not half as nice as it original outlet in aussie! A dissapointment but still bring me back to that wonderful sunday brunch memories. The tortellini is far too stiff, a proof that its frozen instead of freshly made. The pollo e funghi sauce is lacking cream and too generous on the flour. The bbq chicken pizza, the bbq sauce is too… I don’t know its just not right! I think its some off the shelf bbq sauce.

They also served chicken parmagiana and wedges with sour cream. Very nostalgic indeed!

Sunday brunch ala Toorak Rd