Come Coral with Me

Finally I manage to sneak in a time during Sunday for shoe hunting. The pain left by last friday shoes torture by gandrasta on Twitter is excruciating but at least I survived. Went to Aldo, saw a patent pumps with chunky wooden heels it looks all wonderfull but not what I’m looking for. Went to Nine West and saw the booties that I previously want in beige and black. Made from patent and its on sale for 500k but somehow my heart doesnt beat as fast as I would have expect it to be. Next was Pedder Red, the high top sneakers was there and its on sale to 1.2K from 2.2k so its actually not that bad but I couldnt justify the buying since its too laid back and its not something that I want to spend much on something that I can only used once every 4 months or so. There were some nice pumps too but too normal IMO so I skipped them.

Last trip was Zara, saw several shoes that I want but in the end I’m bringing home coral snakskin caged heels. Its oh so lovely and I think coral is very this season!! Am very happy with the purchase since it’s on sale for 600k from 1.3k! So truly worth the money. The other heels that I want is red snakeskin gladiator heels and they dont have the size. I thought the red wedges at Nine West is lovelier for red heels.

Here’s the shoes! I’m wearing it today. Isnt she lovely?


I brodcast the pic of the shoes on Twitter and Velass, who never fail to put a smile or two on my face commented that the shoes looks naughty. Ha ha I seriously need to give her a nickname for all her naughty naughty comment. My friend once commented that I must somehow a dominant because of my sky-high shoes. I must never do submissive. Well you will never know do ya? I’m actually quite shy you know!

And… to make it worst on Friday a package from Juleha of Toko Dua Amoi landed on my house all the way from Shanghai. It has the shoes I’ve requested from her and Loubotin wannabe also a gladiator heels that’s to die for!

Here’s my new afylico studdedd heels. So fierce!! Cant wear to work I guess. Can I? If you have to make sure twice to the photographer you hire that they will need to dress appropriately for formal event, in my case someday my boss will need to notify me in advance that I need to wear appropriate shoes! Would not tripping from the media platform and able to chase for good moments count as appropriate sir?


This one is the gladiator heels, should I buy it or not?!? Gosh, choices choices


And a sneak peek of the Loubotin wannabe. Tried it on and despite the height its very comfortable. It makes me lusting over the heels. Probably I can buy the black one and use it for meeting stuff etc.



Come Coral with Me

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