I finally visit SoHo!

Yeah peeps I finally visit the hip Social House on Harver Nichols. Everyone been talking bout it and you know what… Ive never been there till last Saturday. The menu is rather all over the place but with strong Japanese influence. Couple of Italian dishes on the menu as well. Awesome Illy coffee! Great selection of wine. The best part is during the weekend they served Breakfast Menu for all day round. Breakfast Menu!!! My favourite. I can go there for that reason only. So little place in Jakarta serve decent breakfast selection.

I went with my BFF LL, the day actually start off lovely and ended up really bad! With someone stealing LL Bag up in Nine West Grand Indonesia. Bugger! But lets talk about the nice thing, food …

This is what we had Saturday

1. Baby spinach with ginger dressing and fried tofu on the side


Our verdict: baby spinach is really hard to comeby in Indonesia and its really a western stuff rather than asian. So combining it with ginger dressing which is rather japanese and tofu very asian is really something new and they taste awesome. I guess the minimalistic idea of just baby spinach and the strong dressing is what really won our heart.

2. Cappucino with extra froth, Illy Coffee Bean for the start


Our verdict: we were swayed already at first sight because of the pattern on the top. Its absolutely nothing less than art! I always love cappuccino whenever I have more time indulging it. But this one I finish it in less than 5 minutes. Its so delicious I can almost cry.  The coffee bean is perfect and the thick dry foam is ever so gorgeous and they finish it off with chocolate syrup and I didnt make the mistake by putting on sugar. Its sweet and deeply creamy at first and bitter in the end once you reach the coffee part. Perfect way to start off the first dish.

3. French Rose Wne to accompany our meal. We choose this because we thought white would be too dreamy for our late lunch and we want to be happy enough for the rest of the day but still lucid to do our shopping. Red would be too heavy for the afternoon and it also wouldnt sit nite with our food which will be all over the place since we’re always undecided about food. It’s indeed a good choice since it’s light enough we can finish the bottle between the two of us. It’s sweet that it’s a really good companion for the variety of food.

4. Australian fresh Oysters


Our verdict: the oysters are indeed fresh. Surprise! Since even some of the five stars hotel have lesser quality of oyster than this one. Following the other footstep of the dishes there, which somehow a crossover of east meet west, needless to say the oysters are pretty much the same. I’m rather confused when our half dozen oyster came with only 2 slice of lime. Lime somemore (instead of lemon?). But all you need is just couple of drip of lime for 1 oyster instead of generous drip of lemon because they serve the oyster with small cubes of red onion (again very jap), tomato (rather mexican IMO) and cucumber. The lime says it all – east meet west! The result? Surprisingly heavenly. This one time I’ve tried escargot with cilantro leaves which ended up as disaster. So whoever invented this, I reckon he’s a genious!

5. Dylan roll, which I didnt take pic. Basically a deep fried roll of crab stick and something and something else with spicy mayo sauce. It’s not really unique. You can find in it in any Ismaya’s group restaurant or even most fusion sushi establishment. Me thinks its great but not truly unique. Just great.

6. Four cheeses pizza with mushroom and sundried tomato


Our verdict: considerably acceptable but I still love Pizza Romano better. But if I want pizza that is light enough I will choose this one. Canteen serve similar pizza but the crust is rather flaky. The combination of the cheeses and sundried tomato (ever so sweet) is just perfect! But it all goes back to the perfect companion of the Rose Wine. Yum yum!

Anyway we ended up spending an hour for lunch with the breezy summer breeze (well its always summer in Jakarta!) which makes us happy and lightheaded … Tee Hee!

We went around and around before the calamity happened. We were happy. My friend bought a very nice DKNY bag and we gave a whole new meaning to drunk dialling. Ever heard of drunk shopping? I hope she was lucid when she bought that bag. But it’s beautiful so she wont regret it. She didnt trust my opinion either because she thought I’m in no better shape than her.

I almost bought a nine west wegdes but I think better not since I still want to check out Pedder Red. And thats when the day start spiralling down ward. Boo Hoo!

Ended up the night seeing LL boss to discuss the rather unpleasant situation over dinner at Grand Hyatt. I wasnt feeling very happy so we only ordered very little (to our standard). Had terrific classic caesar salad and pumpkin risotto which IMO Annabel Karmel one is comaprable to this. I dunk a glass of white hoping that I can just shoosh the trouble away. Guess not!

I finally visit SoHo!

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