Sunday brunch ala Toorak Rd

Most of the time when I was in melbourne, I usually spend my sundays with the siswantos, arnie, and other bunch of the yimsa troops whoever one available at that given time.

Since the siswantos unit at darling st is always the basecamp its only natural that brunch or supper is spent at la porchetta at toorak rd.

Today, sunday, like any other sunday we stroll the mall and at grand indonesia there’s a la porchetta outlet so we decided to go there. I ordered what I always order – tortellini pollo e funghi and bbq chicken pizza. Must I say its not half as nice as it original outlet in aussie! A dissapointment but still bring me back to that wonderful sunday brunch memories. The tortellini is far too stiff, a proof that its frozen instead of freshly made. The pollo e funghi sauce is lacking cream and too generous on the flour. The bbq chicken pizza, the bbq sauce is too… I don’t know its just not right! I think its some off the shelf bbq sauce.

They also served chicken parmagiana and wedges with sour cream. Very nostalgic indeed!

Sunday brunch ala Toorak Rd

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