Fall I’m in Love!

Its official. I’m in love with fall faces. It’s so brazen, deep and fiery!


Stila Cosmetics, Smitten with Kitten Fall 2009. The cobalt blue with clean looking face and subtle blushed pink on cheeks and lips. WOW! Sweet looking gal turn fiery!


Shu Uemura, Primitribe Fall 2009. Yellow? Torquise? That pink blushed cheeks and lips again? Def the yellow and torquise eyeliner. Def!


Ive been secretly in love with plum for quite sometime. This looks is jaw dropping. All plum but still work? How did it happen? NARS Fall 2009


More purple this time from Urban Decay Fall 2009 collection. Yeah baby bring back those deep purple varnish. Its time for me to belong in the moment and not to be commented as gothic.

 All Images are the courtesy of www.temptalia.com

Fall I’m in Love!

4 thoughts on “Fall I’m in Love!

  1. vylette says:

    wow, thx for posting this Amal…
    bagusnya yellow ma turquoise liner Shu and gw napsir berat ma purple linersnya UD hehehe.

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