My bloody cup of tea

Blimey! The next book of Sookie will only available until when? May 2010! Ok Suck it up gal. Yeah after granddaddy Niall told Sookie “that vampire love you” which one! Now you want me to wait until *take a deep breath* frikkin May 2010? Oh well until then I guess I can settle for True Blood second season, which is pretty different from the book. So I must be quite happy? Not likely!

In an attempt to distract me from this series, I stumble upon another piles of other series. And guess what? Most of them are still to be continued and only available on december or even later next year. Yeah bloody hell. From one nasty TBC to the other.

Maybe I should start to read Dresden Files. After all I just love the show but after 1 season they discontinued the series. Damn you tv producer. Many of the shows that I enjoy ended up being thrown at the window – Moonlight, New Amsterdam, Dresden Files to name a few. I guess they should leave it to cable to produce fantasy world related shows, like True Blood that was awesome. With just the perfect mix of cast.

I’m intrigued by fantasy related stories from those cater to young adult such as Harry Potter and Twilight, to the famous Lord of the Ring and the other type of books which not even in the hype. I guess for me because these thing really assure me that there are weirder things on other people fantasy than those stalking my nightmare(?).

What I dont appreciate is, sometime when the book is vampire related they tend to have gruesome sexual scene. Oh puhlease!

My bloody cup of tea

2 thoughts on “My bloody cup of tea

  1. Shindur says:

    OMG, Mal lo suka ama True Blood juga? Yay me too!
    Seru bgt euy, I love everything about it.
    Pokoknya season 2 is super exciting.
    Kyanya bakal ada something BIG going to happened.

    I dont really like the witch karakter, cewe cantik yg pura2 baik ituh, she’s pretty damn evil ha!

    Is it ok if i give a little spoiler for this sunday show hehehe 😛
    Basicly ada yg bakal dibunuh utk dibikin persembahan setan.
    I hope ga ada yg mati apalagih pemeran pedukungnya such as si Tara or sam. I’ll be pissed hehehe!

  2. deszell says:


    Dari tadi gue tuh mikir, siape lagi nih shindur. Tapi dari nada replynya berasa akrab bener. Ya ampun ternyata kalo 1+1=2 jadi Shinta+durian = Shindur! Bener gak??

    Anyway gue tuh dah belikan sebenernya Episode 1+2 dari Sesason 2 True Blood tapi gue belom nonton! But I’ve read the book. So basically plotnya gue dah ngerti. Cuman pas gue baca Synopsisnya emang jalan ceritanya beda yah.

    Goodlah jadi I have something to look for!

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