Today I Mourn

I felt so heart broken. I don’t know what to feel. I feel numb.

The thoughtful prayer from friends somehow help me to get through the day. It warm my heart a little bit.

Everything felt unreal, I thought there will be another day for me to see my grandfather. But I was fooling myself. Every eid, I’ve always told myself that this could be the last time. It was. So shall it be. May you rest in peace my dearest grandfather. I know you love me too much to show me the real you, you never be anything than nice to me.

There are days when I would shed tears just by looking at the picture of my wedding where you hug me so close and fill with too much love that its suffocating. I cry because I don’t know when will I finally loose you.

I guess now looking at those picture, I would cry because I’m mourning for my loss for you.

Today I Mourn

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