I’m Your Biggest Fans!

So if you ask me what my biggest achievement during my Bangkok trip was? It’s having (yet another) picture with the handsome and boyish Vejji. I swear if I dont have the realization that my big boss is gonna swear at me, I could have asked his signature too. Believe me, I’m not much of a groupie. I never really one to care to take autograph or picture with celebrities. But oh my, this boy not only handsome like a rock star but he’s frikkin genious. You should have listen to him speak! Not a moment of boredom! But I was quite sleepy though at the lecture because of the lack of sleep from the previous night and I guess the 3 glass of wine started to take over. But anyway, he always neverfail to make people laugh and never loose his cool nor eloquentness.

So it was actually at the end of the event where they usher the important guess for group photo with the PM. But me and my colleagues figure that big boss wouldnt mind us taking picture with him, after all they know each other, I suppose you can call them BFF if not (I dont know what). It’s like your friend saying “Hey dude my guys wants to take a shot with you!”. Why not right? So he was actually walking out, but my big boss kindly request him to stay to take picture with us. I jump right next to me, and thank god again I’m still lucid that I manage to get away from him after the photo shoot. It’s actually a group  shot, but lets just crop me and him! Tee Hee.

So ahem, here it is the pic.


I’m Your Biggest Fans!

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