Spring Cleaning

A while ago, my blog was off limits for the public. I always thought whatever means in the internet that we can used for social networking can be used to share information (off which limited to those that we want to share) not to peep on another’s life. I like to write diary, and most of my diary entries are as absurd as the posts on my blod. I just love to write on how feel. But somehow the visitor on my blog has reached more than 100 a day, which IMO is alot considering I dont really know half of these people nor they leave any indication that they know me.

I really dont think that there are one hundred of my besties that wants to know about my life that much. I can count on 20 at the best. For those close enough with me, I know who have been reading my blog because once its shut down some people were asking me about it. I guess reading people’s personal blog is the easiest way to get to know the lates in your friend’s life. Very convenient!

So in an attempts to start a clean slate and to put the visitor at halt, I did a spring cleaning inspired by a friend of mine. I make the entire entries private and start from scratch. I guess once in a while decluttering is very important.

Spring Cleaning

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. fisty (miss30) says:

    well, i am one of your silent readers.
    and missed your entries while it went private 🙂

    keep posting ‘mal

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