Next time, I will

I always love Hotel Tugu in Malang. I thought its not just a hotel but it’s a whole different experience on its own. They give you a whole package of the old dutch used to have their life here in java land. Evening tea, risjtaffel and all sort. The peak of it is the coffee shop and bakery at the street side which is oh so antique looking having all sort of european influence dessert like the ricotta cheese cake, apple crumble and apple strudel. Not to mention those big sausage bratwurst style. They also have mixture of jajanan pasar and my fave es drop made in Blitar.

Anyway next time, must stay again in Hotel Tugu. Mommy doesn’t want to this time, too bad. Me love it too much! What a relaxing way to end my holiday. Too bad, really.

Oh and I check on the bar, its so lovely with all the antique decor ala chinese town. Arghhh too bad really!

I brought myself apple crumble from the bakery.

Maybe I will reminisce the hotel from my room in jakarta.

Next time, I will

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