Writing Outside the Box

Writing something that is not beauty related clearly makes me sweat like I’ve been on a marathon run.

Writing something that is utterly unrelated to beauty and more focused on fashion is really not my strong trait.

But this time around, during JFW 2009 I was trying to write outside the beauty box and try to be simplistic and not too much on the judging and criticizing and more into reporting. Which of course I dont think I can give my analytical perspective, as yet. So, tada, I present you one of the first writing on fashion that I produce. I wouldnt be too proud of it, but I survive and I deliver. I guess writing is all about practicing, mastering the topic and growing with as the amount of writing you produce increases. Because when your writing quality progress with the number you have produced, then and there you have extracted the best in yourself.

When you cant cycle, you practice until you dont fall anymore. Dont be afraid to try and fall. Because it’s only the first time you try. No one can be perfect at anything during their first time.

In the meantime, I’m alsa first timer in a lot of thing lately. Since the shifting of the portfolio at work. I dont know whether I enjoy it or not. But so far, it has been quite OK! So I think I do and might enjoy it.

Writing Outside the Box

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