2009: To Write or to Become a Writer?

A friend of mine once blurted out that I should become a writer (?)

Once in a blue moon, a very long time ago – which seems to be like a lifetime ago – I write a short story about a girl and her friends living under the same roof. She’s a geek and once in a while experienced hyperventilation due to the pressure from people surrounding her whenever facing a deadline. Sounds like me!

Coming back to today, I would never see myself becoming a writer. Ever. I was never really that imaginative. I could never see the bigger picture of a setting. I didn’t see myself finding an ending to a story.

In 2009 though, Fashionesedaily has entrusted me with the task to write for them. I officially join their editorial team in April and I still couldn’t believe it until now that they have given me the avenue to fulfill my passion. At the office, I was never the one to go for writing material. I have never been a good writer. I’m lacking the word, structure and the correctness of grammar to do the task. But for the trust that the team has given me, I am deeply challenged. So from then on, I struggle to write at my best.

So 2010, in order to better myself as a writer, I’m setting up goals.

Task: minimum 12 articles per month for publishing purposes and try not to cram it over the period of 2 weekends. Quality not quantity!

 Additional goal: to write 5 pieces everyweek, if possible one piece a day (I deserve 2 days off like work as well!). This is including the above number. Write everything or anything, just write! Because practice, makes perfect!

To read: at least 2 writing books, because learning is not a dead-end street. It is a circle that will always start afresh.

Regularly: read articles, any articles to enrich my knowledge.

With this, I hope that in 2010 I can write better. But to become a writer? I may not be on that path yet.

Thank you 2009, I would have ever thought I would have the previllege to write.


2009: To Write or to Become a Writer?

2 thoughts on “2009: To Write or to Become a Writer?

  1. deszell says:

    Ha ha this is all because of u and that writing project you post on your blog. If she, whose making money as a writer need it who am I to say I dont!

    Even my boss still buy one of those book on how to write better *gosh*

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