It’s the thought that counts!

When I told my friend about the result of my failed panna cotta (will tell more later), the respond was … it’s the thought that counts! Completely out of context, but probably was right. In everything in life, first we must have a strong will on what we want to do and then we have the motivation on doing the deed. Or else, it will never happened!

Coming back to my cooking challenge, today I accomplish in finishing 4 recipes – one however I have to admit that it failed horribly!

P1020664 by you. //

Recipe 3: Scrambled eggs with tomato cheese sauce and buttered mushroom. I was planning to use milk instead of cream but I don’t have the measurement on making scrambled eggs with milk so I gave in to cream instead. I was in between doing this and that so the result is a bit dry but still watery so I can say it’s great success! But tomorrow I shall put more cream because I want it to be runnier. Raysa love the eggs, she just attack it straight away. And the cheese … divine!

Recipe 4: Chicken cheese nugget which is actually for Raysa so that the nanny has something easy to cooked during the weekdays. BTW my maid (yes the lovely Nani) quit, so nowadays I don’t have live in maid anymore. I’ve written the recipe on Mommies Daily.

P1020670 by you. 

Recipe 5: Fettucini with Tomato Cheese Sauce, so converting the tomato cheese sauce on Recipe 4 and thinning it down with milk I combine it together with beef and mushroom and it becomes really yummy cheesy fettucini sauce.

Recipe 6: Supposedly dessert, Strawberry Panna Cotta, taken from a friend’s recipe. But somehow because the wrong measurement or maybe the lack of preserverance it’s closer to milk pudding rather than Panna Cotta.

So that’s 1 day and 3 recipes left!

It’s the thought that counts!

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