A Year Older

Eversince my 25th birthday, I always dreaded everytime 4th of February nearing. This year, I’m determined to beat the crap out of that birthday depression and decided to take a leave. Which, in the end, have been the best damn decision I made.

Started the day with coffee at my fave place, which serves one of the best coffee in town. I spend my birthday going to lunch with close friends. Visiting the girls at FD, because after all if it’s going to be work on my birthday it’s gotta be something I like, right? Wrap the night with dinner with Mom and Raysa because everyone else are out of town.

I had good food, good laugh and a really great birthday.

And what I realized on this birthday is that, not only I got the things that I’ve been wanting, but also I’ve got lotsa people that care about me. So enough whining about life, and make the best out of it.

A Year Older