Dad’s Treasure

I just realized, with dad away on business trip, I can freely rumage through his closet. I was thinking of his crisp white, short sleeve italian shirt. Apparently, he took his best shirt with him. All that left was old navy and giordano.

There’s this one broken white short sleeve shirt that I can imagine wearing with jeans, booties and chunky necklace. Well that is until I realized, I didn’t know whether he usually dry cleaned this shirt or not. Thank god for the label at the shirt, I know that I can machine wash it with cold water.

Next mission, is finding that small handkerchief (that he bought to match his tie). I couldn’t find it! Well, he knows that I love it so much. Maybe he hide this treasure somewhere purposely.

But as I browse through his wardrobe, I just remembered his tie collection. Which were to die for! I wouldn’t let him give it away to anyone else. I was thinking, I could use it as a sash, a belt or a bandana. Thinking that it can serve as a replacement to the twilly I’m dreaming of. My favourite, is the floral moschino tie. Now I also remember why I’m in love with Moschino. He used to buy me one Moschino pants from each trip to Italy, he said cause a levis jeans there will cost as much as the Moschino’s. He even bought me a Valentino tee this one time, because a silly Stussy shirt cause too much in Italy. Oh I miss those days.

Dad’s Treasure

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