Initial Thought on Sekkisei Lotion Mask

At the rate that I’m with trying on new beauty products and in specific skincare, It’s only natural that I forgot details. So better keep a log on my initial thought. Because that’s what I need to come back to after I’m satisfied with the result. If I’m not satisfied, it’s easier to write them off from my list.

The sheet feels too thin unlike many other sheet mask I’ve tried that are made of cloth. It’s plainly made out of tissue, much like one of those capsule one you get from Muji or Daisho. So the lotion drips easily and the sheet feels very wet!

The alcohol smell really get on my nerve. I almost think that I’m half drunk by the time I settle myself on my bed to get my 10 minutes of Zen. It’s so bloody strong! But you know what, the smell of alcohol on my skincare is on par of the smell of gasoline to some people, it has a nice twist on my nose that after a while it is somewhat relaxing. I think my skin is kind of drunk from all of that alcohol content on the lotion.

What surprises me is that my skin is not dry at all! With that much alcohol smell, I’m surprised.  It feels so fresh on my face.

The thing is, at Sekkisei USA I saw this capsule mask (that you can also get at Muji and Daisho) that you can pour your own Sekkisei lotion into it to make your DIY mask should you need one. But if you’re not using Sekkisei lotion, then this one will come handy at only Rp 25,000.

Will give a thought on buying the Sekkisei lotion so I can contemplate more on this mask. This can be an alternative to couple of glasses of Gin.

Initial Thought on Sekkisei Lotion Mask

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