A taste of India

I picked up Taylor’s instant sauce for Kashmiri Butter Chicken the other day. I’m a huge fans of curry, be it red, yellow or green. Indian, Thai, Malaysian or Indonesian. Thick or thin. My taste buds really take well with the taste of curry.

The kashmiri butter chicken sauce have that curry-ish taste but it’s very rich and creamy. It resemble one of those really thick curry sauce with really strong pungent taste. This sauce however, even though thick and creamy but since it’s western made is not as pungent as what I might have thought at first. Which is terrific.

I added chicken and onion that I put on the pan until it’s slightly browned, add the sauce and a little bit of cilantro leaves. I should have put more cilantro, next time! Because the cilantro really add that pop of taste to the dish. Love the result. I’m not sure whether Indian used cilantro but I’m taking cue from Thai curry. They go perfectly well together. I also add mushroom to the pot. It’s a lovely blend with the creamy sauce.

To thin out the sauce, since I don’t have coconut milk, I used plain milk instead. It thin out the sauce as well as thin out the taste by quite a bit. I think if I would have used coconut milk it will solidify the taste of the curry and make it rich. With the milk, it make it creamier.

However, I would used coconut milk instead on my next attempt.

As for the side, I made butter rice. I should have used generous amount of butter although it would be too oily but I would not mind. Maybe a dash of finely chopped cilantro. You could never have enough cilantro. It’s like my Asian version of asphyxiation to Basil for Italian dishes.

Lastly, what perfected the dish was the crispy thinly sliced fried shallots that really wrap the flavour with a bit of crisp and savoury flavour.

A taste of India

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