First Take on Olay Total Effect

So been using Olay Total Effect for a couple of day. Umm … 3 days to be exact? It’s supposedly fight 7 signs of aging which I haven’t yet read what.

So I got myself three things; facial foam, serum and day cream. No toner huh? That kind of feel weird. So I pick up my Pond’s toner because everything else I got either a Japanese toner or containing very strong alcohol. They kind of go alright together but I don’t know whether the absent of toner is on purpose.

How do I feel about it? The facial foam feels fluffy (have to make them into a tennis ball size!), the serum is really comforting and easy to absorb also feel satiny to the touch and the day cream actually contains SPF 15 doesn’t feel sticky nor absorb too long to my face like any other anti aging products.

My initial thought? Would be the perfect product for any anti aging beginniner. It’s also perfect for those who have oily skin because unlike many other anti aging product I know it doesn’t feel sticky nor too rich. It just dries to a great feel, not mattifying just dry. Over the past couple of days I didn’t feel that my face dehydrated but I do feel that it’s in it normal state of dryness. I fool so many people by thinking that my skin is oily to the naked eye because I put so many products on it. But under the skin test scrutiny, it does say it’s dry and almost dehydrated. I’m just missing one essential product, either a booster or emulsifier. Will add miracle water to the routine.

First Take on Olay Total Effect