It Only Takes a Good Food

To make someone, in particular, yours truly, happy.

Spent my Saturday afternoon meeting my friends because Raysa refuse to go out and about with her Mom, because she wants to go to a posh wedding reception at a Hotel. Fine!

I had a really good time. Union, located at Plaza Senayan, is really just perfect. It’s not too crowded because they’re not busy yet with their dinner service. The air is cooling down and they already opened the doors overlooking to the terrace area.

Started with a warm bread.

Served with soft butter, olive oil and salt.

Creamy spaghetti with mushroom and parsley as garnish as main.

And end the meal, with just the most perfect red velvet cake. It has a really spongy and airy red velvet cake. The cream cheese is really light, not too salty yet you can really taste the cream cheese. The one that tied everything down together is the crunchy caramel surrounding the cake that’s mix with some pine nuts or some other nuts.

It Only Takes a Good Food

One thought on “It Only Takes a Good Food

  1. ste says:

    their valrhona chocolate souffle served with vanilla ice cream is really good too. going here before dining time is a good idea. the service is extremely poor during dining hours. 😦

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