Serum for Spots or Evenness?

I’ve come to so many skincare launches for brightening or whitening range this year that I refuse to just ‘report’ them. There’s got to be more to it. First of all, why do all brightening and whitening skincare only available in Asia? Why, of course, all Asian girls are dying to have a pale skin like Caucasians. Evidently, there’s a huge market there. I wouldn’t argue with that.

Having to gone through all my live being called ‘item’ to my face when people refer to my skintone, I’ve got to admit at one time of my life I had experienced the dire need to have a shade or two lighter skintone. But then I got too tired to respond to every criticism people made to me and I decided to tell them all to just suck it in. I don’t think piling on whitening creams would do much difference to my skin. If it is, do I need to use them all over my body so I don’t look like someone whose wearing a mask?

But, do I completely ditch a skincare range that labelled as whitening or brightening? No, not really. They have some use to.

These kind of skincare can’t really make your skin whiter than your original tone. If it is, you got to start to worry because it’s not supposed to do that. The effect is not permanent, you need some maintenance, because if it is permanent it’s not a cosmetic product but it’s drug. By maintenance, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t ‘burn’ down your tone back to a darker shade once its starting to lighten. There are various numbers of action that you can do to do so – using sunblock, continuing using the same skin regimen, etc.

I myself turn to one of this kind of serum for one of these two reasons: spots and discoulouration/hyperpigmentation. Brightening serum usually did pretty good job in eliminating stubborn spots, that’s where it comes real handy. I can stop cursing at those acne scars with the help of brightening serum. On the other hand, it also helps with skintone evenness. The good thing about it is that nowadays there are many serums that actually target directly on making your complexion looking beautifully even. It’s even better if you’ve got some cash to burn in skincare department, to use the two of them together!

Anyway, just sharing my two cents on these types of skincare.

Serum for Spots or Evenness?

Dinner at Home

I haven’t exactly cook dinner for myself for quite sometime. I guess my work really does take the best of me, once I’m home all I want to do is just lie down, being served with a food that I don’t have to think and prepared and then some more work. It’s been that exhausting but the best thing about it all is that I actually enjoyed it because I see result. Something that I dearly love as well.

Anyway, for the past couple of days I’ve been trying to make amends by starting to cook again. There’s too many raw ingredients that I’ve purchased but haven’t exactly cook yet. I don’t want to see yet another spoiled rosemary go to the bin. So the steak finally on the grill, mashed potato done and broccoli au gratin to finish it all.

And for dinner tonight, I cooked a deep fried battered fish with a splash of Thai sweet chilly sauce to finish it and stir fry bok choi with lemongrass and ginger sauce. This time around I add lot’s of garlic with the lemongrass and ginger sauce taking from the past experience. Oh, and slightly burnt prawn on the stir fried vegetables. Love the result!

Dinner at Home