Dinner at Home

I haven’t exactly cook dinner for myself for quite sometime. I guess my work really does take the best of me, once I’m home all I want to do is just lie down, being served with a food that I don’t have to think and prepared and then some more work. It’s been that exhausting but the best thing about it all is that I actually enjoyed it because I see result. Something that I dearly love as well.

Anyway, for the past couple of days I’ve been trying to make amends by starting to cook again. There’s too many raw ingredients that I’ve purchased but haven’t exactly cook yet. I don’t want to see yet another spoiled rosemary go to the bin. So the steak finally on the grill, mashed potato done and broccoli au gratin to finish it all.

And for dinner tonight, I cooked a deep fried battered fish with a splash of Thai sweet chilly sauce to finish it and stir fry bok choi with lemongrass and ginger sauce. This time around I add lot’s of garlic with the lemongrass and ginger sauce taking from the past experience. Oh, and slightly burnt prawn on the stir fried vegetables. Love the result!

Dinner at Home

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