Raysa on Mother’s Day

This post is long overdue, but it’s better late than never.

On Mother’s day, all the mothers at Raysa’s school were invited to see the performances prepared by the kids and got the luxury of ‘being served’ by the kids. It’s a go to school with your mom kind of thing.

When I got inside Raysa’s class, all the pictures of the mothers were hanging from the ceiling in some kind of crafts that the kids’ created. Along with the picture the kids written a happy Mother’s day note there and their mother’s hobby. Raysa written mine as ‘work’. I find it funny and true, because my daughter know how I enjoy my work so much because I’m actually doing what I love. On top of that, Raysa love visiting me in my office because she enjoys the environment so much. She sees it as a positive thing, rather than a negative one of me being unavailable for her because of work.

When I drop her off at home after school that day, I told her I’m going to the office after ward, what she said was she want to go to the office with me because she love work too.

I think she picked that up because I never really dread going to work, I always look happy even when I have to work late or even in the weekend because I’m enjoying it and I’m putting all of my positive energy into it. Another thing is, I always stress to her that work is one of those thing that can be marked as necessity, just like school. You don’t necessarily have to love it, but you still got to do it. But if you enjoy it, you’ll love every moment there.

Raysa on Mother’s Day

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