It’s All About the Money!

Albeit my undying effort to stick with one range of skincare for more than a month, I keep on failing. Well, there’s this particular month that I actually used the Lancome Visionnaire and SK II Miracle Water combination, religiously, for almost 2 months! Love the result to death that I keep sticking by it. Need I repeat again that my problem has always been about drying skin, dullness, hyperpigmentation which then leads to a completely tired looking face at times. With this combination, I found my skin looked miraculously healthier, more supple and it’s actually glowing from within.

But then I got tired with it! All I want is a simple routine, where the face cream would do all the goodness in the world to make your skin looks pretty with not much effort. Hold on, I said it wrong, I mean healthy 🙂

Enter the luxurious creams, that definitely made me want to bang my head against the wall upon hearing its prices. I’ve just got to try them! I mean, how good can they be? So, I tried the Menard Authent that is priced at around $1,200 (!) which all I can say is that, I don’t see why I would need them now but I can see why people who already have problem would love it. Don’t see immediate result as well. Only that I don’t need to pile on different type of skincare to achieve my healthy skin look. Another cream that I tried is the SK II LXP cream, it live up to my expectation of being utterly moisturizing and gives me a healthy and supple skin without any help from other products! At the rate of my current skin, I’m happy enough with SK II LXP that is priced at around $250. Even the price of that sounds silly, don’t you think?

It’s All About the Money!

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