It was good while it lasted

I’ve been using the YSL Youth Liberator Forever serum for more than 1 month now. More like 45 days. A bottle should last you for about 30 to 45 days if you used the suggested measurement. Which was pretty surprising actually that you have to repurchase a bottle of serum almost every month. But this suggested measurement is for application for face up to the neck. So if you only used half of the suggested measurement the bottle should lasts for around 3 months.

I like the result of this serum. Would be writing it in detail. But while I still remember the detail, I should write them down before reviewing them properly. Texture wise it’s one of those oily serum based which surprisingly really watery. It seeps in quite fast. The suggested measurement feels a little bit too much on the face, cause eventhough I massage the product onto my face but you can still see how not all of the products dries in. If you use half of it, it will then seeps faster. But then I don’t know whether this will effect the efficacy of the product. It is I think a similar serum to Lancome Visionnaire. An all in one serum that able to repair your cells. But how the two differs? While Lancome Visionnaire doesn’t really need a very hydrating moisturizer for my dry skin, the YSL Forever need something a bit hydrating but not rich. Because when you combine it with rich moisturizer, your face will feel really watery out of sweats and sebum. The best feeling when I tried this product is when I used the complete range at the launching, because eventhough the finish is matte on my face but I feel that my skin is not drying, cracking and stay supple the whole night. Couldn’t find a better match of moisturizer afterward. I normally wouldn’t recommend to buy a whole line of skincare range, but for this line it is exception because they just work perfectly fine together. Another thing about the two serums is that I found that Lancome Visionnaire will be love more by those who have drier skin whereas the oilier skin will prefer YSL Forever because of its mattifying finish.

One thing I notice, during PMS period my acnes, though still at excruciating numbers, seemed to dries out rather fast compared to usual. I also have more supple and healthy looking skin, because I’ve never go anywhere without foundation or at least powder foundation. But recently, if I feel really lazy I will just put a loose powder. At the end of the day, my face still look glowing.

But anyway, I stop┬ácontinuing with YSL Forever now. One because I’ve finished a bottle already and I don’t think I’ll purchase a bottle. Secondly, I have SKII products sitting at my table waiting for me. I have this strange profound love with Japanese skincare. I just find them more comfortable than the western product though I find sometimes they give the same result.

It has been a good one month. But it’s time to move on ­čÖé

It was good while it lasted

I Say, Skin Evenness Is Important.

Evenness? How important do you rate it in your skin problem? People go all nuts when they see acne, spots or even wrinkle. But it’s appalling that most didn’t take the matter of skin evenness in the same level. If you do, don’t get offended, this is just a general observation.

This one particular afternoon, I was blog hopping, and I came across one product review that I would like to disagree to the final note. I understand why this person came to a different conclusion than mine because I undergo a different routine though we’re talking about the same product. But the bottom line was, that the product was not really worth the price because it only solve skin evenness problem.

What is more surprising for me is that this blog seems to specialized in beauty. So I would say that it’s a beauty blog. This conclude my aforementioned observation, that people doesn’t seemed to take skin evenness problem seriously.

Let me explain why I took skin evenness problem seriously? Because it’s a multifaceted problem where the source of the problem could be from dullness, build up of dead skin cells, uneven collagen structure, a drop in the skin texture, early sign of ageing, outside pollutant that create greyish veil on our skin, etc. So you see, it’s not a simple problem at all.

To gain an even skintone on your skin means that you would be able to have a nice healthy looking glow on your skin. Despite whatever you might believe, it’s not easily achieved. A combination of skincare routine and healthy diet will suffice in achieving this type of skin. But apparently it’s not as easy as it sound. So when your skin already lost its glow and evenness it’s really not an easy problem to solve. This too has become a concern that is currently popular because nowadays, as you know, we’re facing environmental problem and stress that leads to our skin to loose its evenness due to various reason. So it’s understandable that many skincare product create a single product to target this problem.

So you see, when a product able to solve this multifaceted problem, it should be able to gain a good review at least. Recognizing that it solve a problem in the very beginning, should give it a good review.

And if I may add, when your skin look even, look deeper into texture of your skin, it looks better inside as well.

I Say, Skin Evenness Is Important.

I’m more of a man

Than the boys!

That is according to my guy best friends.

I barely weep at misfortune in front of people. I don’t bitch about being heart broken as much as I should. I’m not naggy. And mostly, I usually talk to them straight to the point.

But still, they came looking for me when they need someone to sit and accompany them for coffee when they’re heart broken.

I’m more of a man

Why do I get bored so easily?

It’s close to a month that I’ve been trying YSL Forever Youth Liberator serum, and why am I bored already? *yawn*

The only thing that keeps me going is the promise that after a month of usage, my skin will be a year younger. To be 29 again? Are you kidding? Of course I’m sold! So let us see if after a month of using it my skin’s age will be 29 ­čÖé

Too bad the effect is not accumulative, I was hoping after 2 months of usage my skin would be 28 in age *grin*

Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of this serum but it’s just that I get bored so easily. And this job (have I said I love it, not today, right?) just give me the means to channel my obsession with skincare. If before I grudge and grudge of having to spend so much money because I need and want to try new skincare every time, this time around, it comes with the job description. So, why not?

Speaking of beauty products, I need to clear my desk at work of them by trying them on and writing a review. Or make someone else try them and write about them.

Why do I get bored so easily?