I Say, Skin Evenness Is Important.

Evenness? How important do you rate it in your skin problem? People go all nuts when they see acne, spots or even wrinkle. But it’s appalling that most didn’t take the matter of skin evenness in the same level. If you do, don’t get offended, this is just a general observation.

This one particular afternoon, I was blog hopping, and I came across one product review that I would like to disagree to the final note. I understand why this person came to a different conclusion than mine because I undergo a different routine though we’re talking about the same product. But the bottom line was, that the product was not really worth the price because it only solve skin evenness problem.

What is more surprising for me is that this blog seems to specialized in beauty. So I would say that it’s a beauty blog. This conclude my aforementioned observation, that people doesn’t seemed to take skin evenness problem seriously.

Let me explain why I took skin evenness problem seriously? Because it’s a multifaceted problem where the source of the problem could be from dullness, build up of dead skin cells, uneven collagen structure, a drop in the skin texture, early sign of ageing, outside pollutant that create greyish veil on our skin, etc. So you see, it’s not a simple problem at all.

To gain an even skintone on your skin means that you would be able to have a nice healthy looking glow on your skin. Despite whatever you might believe, it’s not easily achieved. A combination of skincare routine and healthy diet will suffice in achieving this type of skin. But apparently it’s not as easy as it sound. So when your skin already lost its glow and evenness it’s really not an easy problem to solve. This too has become a concern that is currently popular because nowadays, as you know, we’re facing environmental problem and stress that leads to our skin to loose its evenness due to various reason. So it’s understandable that many skincare product create a single product to target this problem.

So you see, when a product able to solve this multifaceted problem, it should be able to gain a good review at least. Recognizing that it solve a problem in the very beginning, should give it a good review.

And if I may add, when your skin look even, look deeper into texture of your skin, it looks better inside as well.

I Say, Skin Evenness Is Important.

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