Remede Alchemy Premium Night Cream; Instant Dryness Solution

Trying new skincare is exciting 🙂 *picture me leaping with joy while I say this sentence*

Anyway, I’ve been experiencing extreme dehydration and dry skin for the last one week. I can’t live even a day feeling my facial skin very itchy. Maybe it’s my fault. I know that I can’t rest on normal moisturizer without the help of very hydrating serum. The only skincare regimen that I can follow without adding anything, and it’s not targeted for dry skin, is the Menard Tsukika range. I guess the massage cream really helps in keeping my skin supple and moist.

Coming back to my previous skincare routine, I was using the Cellumination range from SK-II and I don’t add any moisturizing serum nor another layer of my trusted Clinique Moisture Surge. After a month, boy, did my skin look ever so bright! But then, I get this irritating dryness. I change my moisturizer to a more hydrating one, and it helps! It feels more comfortable. When I read the review on Cellumination range, it’s said that the formula of this line would not be hydrating enough for dry and very dry skin. Hah! I knew that too late. Should add SK-II Repair C to keep my skin’s hydration level.

I thought this call for another skincare hunt 🙂 *me likey*

Cured the dryness with Vaseline mask once a week followed by oatmeal cleanser afterward. That shall do the trick. But also, I need the right moisturizer. For day, I’ve found the perfect one – ROC Radiance Rejuvenate, but this one is for me to write a complete review on Fashionese Daily 🙂

For the night, I found a sample size of Remede Alchemy Premium Night Cream. I thought I shall give it a try. It’s an aging care, with encapsulated Vitamin E that gives you a healthy shine, glycerin, shea butter (love the silky effect) and sunflower oil. It looks very yuck, like runny and ruin egg yolk that have yellow tobiko all over it. The smell is kinda off as well, It’s a bit waxy. But the feel? Oh so nice! My skin is instantly happy with all the hydration, the vitamin E dissolve perfectly on the skin and thought when applied it looks a bit oily but surprisingly after five minutes or so it looks matte! And not watery at all!

So, there you go, $100+ moisturizer that somehow captivated my heart *faint*

Remede Alchemy Premium Night Cream; Instant Dryness Solution

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