Doing nothing will do you no good

For whoever said that time will fix everything, let me tell you, they ain’t gonna fix a goddamn thing. Yeah, you hear me right. Time, albeit the many countless hours you’ve passed, will not do you any good if you don’t do anything. If anything, it’ll make you feel more miserable because you’re seeing everything slipping through your fingers.

There are things that you can not change. I agree with this. But it doesn’t mean you’ll just sit and do nothing either. Do something else. Have a breakdown on not being able to change anything, but then, get up and do something. Anything. 

With time you’ll forget. No, you don’t. If it is crucial to you, then it burns like a hot stamp. Good times, bad times. It lingers, though in a faint distant, you’ll never forget. 

And I got a feeling that people put too much trust on being fine with time. If you’re not fine, you’re not fine

And you know what’s worst than all of the above? Yapping about it non-stop. 

I can deal with acknowledgement of feeling and channelling it out.

Doing nothing will do you no good

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