Best of both worlds

I’m currently using both my Sony VAIO E Series and Acer Ultrabook. Talking about having the best of both worlds! I can’t seems to let go my Sony VAIO, I guess, I’ve grown accustom to the bounce of their keyboard that I type easily with it. This is my second VAIO, after my first one died on me after more or less 7 years of usage. On top of it, it has CD/DVD tray that allows me to transfer files from CD-ROM. And the screen is the perfect size for a work station.

Whereas the Acer Ultrabook, it’s actually a full blown laptop where you can actually do your work with it, but it’s so lightweight, I don’t have to stress myself out whenever I have to bring it on my bag the whole day. I don’t have to think about changing into a bigger bag, because it’s so thin and it’s A4 paper in size. So, my normal bag should be able to accommodate this baby. The battery runs for about 4 hours, so if I don’t plan on using it the whole day, just in between my meetings and events, I don’t usually bring its adaptor.  And, even if I have to carry it as is, without any sleeve or bag, it looks ever so stylish in its sleek silver body. I really love this laptop dearly 🙂 Making working on the go so much easier.

Both runs on Intel i3 processor, which though isn’t i5, I don’t find them to be any disadvantage at all. Because they’re quite fast already, even when I open multiple windows on my laptop as well as my Photoshop. They’re still hanging there pretty strong.

There are actually couple of apps that you can download to make your life easier if you’re working with two laptops, I’ll save that post for FD.

Best of both worlds

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