The Other Side of the Moon

Little did I know when I first choose the nickname deszell for mIRC, I will be sticking with it, maybe, for the rest of my life.

The only thing constant in my life since my 17th birthday is perhaps the name that I’ve claimed as mine – deszell. 

I don’t think you can’t anymore separate this identity from me. Years ago, I have my own reason to stay with the name deszell online, just because I want to separate the professional life to my passion. I roam the www as deszell in search for information related to beauty, music, and god knows what in between those two.

And now, I stay with that name, just because people probably search my articles through my nickname and not my real name. And because, my nickname and my real name have become one. I trust people don’t question who deszell in real life anymore. At least, those who know me in virtual world as deszell know who I am in the real world. But probably not vice versa.

And 13 years have passed, and I still love the name. 

The Other Side of the Moon

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