Unplanned trip

Gonna be in Bangkok until Friday. Wow, this is such unexpected trip. Just got the information yesterday, where I need to make arrangement fast, by day end, all I know is that my ticket is booked and I need to pack my bag.

So here I am, lacking in sleep, but feeling happy because I’m in the city that I love and the food and everything are great 🙂

Sawasdeeka Bangkok! We meet again 🙂

Glad I already have this baby with me. It’s ever so light, so it’s perfect for travelling. I tell you, though I love my VAIO, I don’t think I have the energy dragging it all the way to Bangkok.

Welcomed by all these new Panasonic ‘beauty gadgets’ in my hotel room. All in pink! Too cute. Tomorrow is going to be the big day, so let’s see what else they’ve got to offer.

Well, the trip itself? I’ll tell more later 🙂



Unplanned trip

I’m not going to be defeated

It’s easy to succumb to the prey of anger. But I’ve rise above it and came to an understanding, that being mad will only drag me down even to a deeper darkness. A territory of which I’m not ready to visit. Will I ever? Never! I’m not ready to be in that area.

I maybe gloomy. I maybe crying on my pillow all of a sudden during the night where I spent the days laughing and totally fine. I maybe wake up on the wrong side of the bad one morning and don’t find the will to get up and face the world. But what I will never be, is to let anger consume me.

Maybe I’m in pain, but I will not let anger to be the solution.

I will be the strength.


I’m not going to be defeated

You’re my anchor

Dear Raysa, happy birthday. I never thought that there could be someone that I would love more than anything else in this world, till there was you. You make me strive to be a better person, so that I could be someone that you want to look up to. In your little palms, as my fingers intertwine with yours I found support in times of difficulty. And in your eyes, I see a glimpse of hope even at my darkest hour. As you smile away, I feel affirmation, that I will rise up against anything ahead of me, whatever that may be.

I seek comfort in your hug, even more than you seek one from me. Because you’re my anchor.

And you’re the only drama, that I can ever accept.

I hope all your dreams will come true. And I will be there, to be your anchor as you climb up to reach your dreams.

You’re my anchor