You’re my anchor

Dear Raysa, happy birthday. I never thought that there could be someone that I would love more than anything else in this world, till there was you. You make me strive to be a better person, so that I could be someone that you want to look up to. In your little palms, as my fingers intertwine with yours I found support in times of difficulty. And in your eyes, I see a glimpse of hope even at my darkest hour. As you smile away, I feel affirmation, that I will rise up against anything ahead of me, whatever that may be.

I seek comfort in your hug, even more than you seek one from me. Because you’re my anchor.

And you’re the only drama, that I can ever accept.

I hope all your dreams will come true. And I will be there, to be your anchor as you climb up to reach your dreams.

You’re my anchor

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