A Reflection on the Decision I took 2,5 Years Ago

For those who truly know me, I guess you’ve figure it out by now that I rarely talk about something that is truly important for me. My feelings and problems are among the things that I barely talk about openly with people. And I think, writing about how I feel is much easier for me than actually talking about it. It’s a medium that I can convey something so right without any mistake in delivering it.

Anyway, I never before write or share about my divorce. But I just did for Mommies Daily. It only make sense if I write about how I ended up from being an unhappy person who goes from one meeting to the next reading god fucking knows what briefing paper to someone who enjoys and being truly happy as well as comfortable at a foreign spot and new challenges.

It all started with the divorce. The rest? You might want to read it here.

Enjoy 🙂

A Reflection on the Decision I took 2,5 Years Ago