I’m still here!

Once again I’m neglecting my blog. Same old same old 😀

Don’t worry I’m still around. Busy with work, busy shopping too :p

November has been a busy month, as well as the end of October. Surviving them is a big milestone on its own and as usual I’m compensating by shopping.

So, what’s new?


I have a new favourite fragrance from Kiehl’s new Aromatic Blends, it’s Vanilla and Cedarwood. Creamy very enticing vanilla scent combines with slightly warm cedarwood that is just very perfect! I don’t like vanilla and amber combination because the dry down is too warm. But this one? Perfect! Gone are the days where I’m obsessed with MAC MV1 perfume 🙂

Bought lots of books from Aksara yard sale. Surprisingly, they’re all business related books and not fashion. I was thinking to get some cooking books, but none left. My favourite are the Toyota story book because I’m always amaze of how they turn productivity around by using the just in time concept. But there’s more to it than just that, right? And another Six Sigma book, which I swear this time I’m really going to read it from cover to cover.


A new pair of Melissa! This Amazonas has been on my list for quite sometime so I finally bought it.


And two new Revlon Top Speed nail varnish! I love them to bits because they dries really fast and the colour pay off are really good too.

I’m still here!

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