Caramelized Beauty Atop My Egg!

I think it’s about time that I write less about beauty. I spent my days working on beauty related articles, so enough about that, and let’s find something else to write here.

Humm … what shall I write? Ah, yes, FOOD!

I found this photo on my camera and I was suddenly transported back to this one fine day where Rika and I hop on a MRT heading to Novena in search of what Nopai said to be the best Italian restaurant she ever tasted. Da Luca (not De Luca in Plaza Senayan, and in no way associated) is an Italian restaurant that is just couple of minutes walk from the Novena station, Singapore. It’s placed in restaurants row and is quite small and somehow homey.

Since we went there during lunch time, they have lunch menu available with a set of appetizer, main course and dessert. The most memorable dish for me was the appetizer! I can’t live without eggs dishes and I’m always in search of the best of them.


I can’t recall the name anymore, since my trip to Singapore dated way back to June 2012. But it was really on a class of its own. The sunny side egg was done perfectly with the yolk firm up on the outside quite well but still runny. Combines with the sumptuous watery portobello mushroom that retains the juice inside it, not oozing water everywhere on my plate. When you bite into it, the juice just melts in your mouth. And the best part of it is the sauce! It’s a balsamic vinegar sauce combines with caramelized onion, they’re both sweet but the acidic balsamic vinegar just tied up everything perfectly. Not eggs benedict – which is my favourite – but it’s one of the best eggs dishes I’ve tried so far.

Anyway, I think Nopai was right. This is by far one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve ever tried too. The waitress know the dishes well. Good service. And the most important thing is the food is stellar! The lasagna was tasty, amidst being a really normal Italian dish lots of restaurant still can’t pull this off correctly. My lamb stew and mashed potato dish was also beyond expectation. But other memorable part of my meal was the dessert. It was layers of pastry with peach and cream and it was so soft, fluffy and heavenly. Still, the one I remember vividly was the egg.

I think lunch is the best time to tried restaurants like these – more upscale kind of set up. Because dinner menu is usually much more expensive and they offers lunch menu which round up the same as one main course dish on the menu.

Da Luca
1 Goldhill Plaza Novena #01-19/21 Singapore

Caramelized Beauty Atop My Egg!

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