I heart balsamic vinegar

One ingredient that I love so much in Italian food is balsamic vinegar. Or in any western food. When it’s done right – caramelized and all – it’s oh-so-perfect!

And I tasted not one, but two dishes using balsamic vinegar sauce that is perfectly done that it tasted both tangy and sweet, during my recent trip to Bali. I tell you, Bali is a heaven for western food. While in Jakarta people go all gaga over fusion food, in Bali you can find something that is not too over the top. And that is comforting.


I think I’ve found my favourite restaurant in Bali, one of them at least, that’s called Petitenget. After a fail encounter of chicken schnitzel that is too dry, too stiff and no taste at all during lunch at Bali Bakery, I take my chances on the afternoon to order another chicken schnitzel and I was floored by the result. I’m thankful that I did amidst being really full already from one bad lunch and a really good dessert prior to that. It’s a bar and bistro style place.


The chicken schnitzel was put on top of a caramelized balsamic vinegar sauce with a bed of fresh rocket salad and halved cherry tomatoes and shaving of parmesan cheese. The combination of the ingredients were perfect. The warm schnitzel with the cool salad. Savoury and fresh at the same time. Not to mentioned the sweet and tangy sauce that is perfectly matched with the choice of cheese. I think if it’s any other cheese that they choose, it will not be as perfect. I love the crust because it’s crispy but the chicken is still juicy inside. I think I died and gone to food heaven with every bite.


They have a special menu written on the board, change accordingly during breakfast, lunch and dinner time.


They also have different menu selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s good to separate the menu because sometimes you can get easily overwhelmed by the mountain of choices you got on the menu. This way, you get to choose a dish that is perfect for your situation.


The vintage tiles that really gives character to the place. Reminds me a lot of the graphic of the Tulisan design.

Next week, I’m heading to Bali again. I’ve promised myself that I shall come back to this place and finally try their eggs benedict or florentine.

I haven’t tried their coffee yet, so couldn’t comment much about it. Though lots of reviews said that it’s a good place to find good coffee in Bali amidst its inconsistency in brewing.


Jl. Petitenget No.40X Seminyak, Bali.

I heart balsamic vinegar

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