It takes La Perla!

Call me superficial, but it wasn’t my Dad that keeps cursing at me every time I tip toed downstairs and ate my midnight meals nor it was the comments from my relatives that said I’m fat to make me cut my meals. It was my love for my La Perla slip.

I love and enjoyed (past tense) taking midnight meal. Maybe because I always stay up late and it’s the best time of the day to actually write something, so a great meal to accompany the creativity process is just the perfect companion.

But other than that, ever since I moved to my current job I’ve been binging food like crazy. There was no stopping on us snacking gorengan, it was not something foreign at the office to have it during the afternoon. Not to mention, if I’m feeling a little bit peckish during the afternoon, we would scour the neighbourhood for bakwan Malang or mie ayam. Oh those days, I tell ya, I didn’t even think about what I ate.

I think this past 2.5 years, I’ve officially gained more or less 8 kgs! Shocking, I know.

It didn’t happen on my previous job because I have my own room, so when somebody within the office – or in this case my unit, because it was a large office – was munching, I wouldn’t know. They would be doing it at the comfort of their own room. I remembered I stocked a lot snacks at the office but I didn’t snack as much as when I’m in FD. There’s also the factor that it isn’t as easy to get something compared to when I’m in Kemang. I could have just walked a couple of minutes and there you see tukang gorengan or something else, and the evil of them all is the Boxmart which very near from our office.

Ok, now the moment of change. Couple of months ago – while everyone is busy doing their weight loss challenge programme – I was about to put my black dress therefore I decided to pair it up with my black La Perla slip. I think it was one of those big days. And you know what, I can’t fit into it. I maybe lazy and love to eat, but I can afford to cut my meals and the portions (to a normal one, you can’t believe how much I ate). What I can’t afford is, buying another La Perla slip, it’s not everyday you can get it at 80% off!

As it happened to be, I was suddenly left without maid nor babysitter. Work has been crazy lately, especially during that period of time. So I came home most days feeling daze and have no will to cook. So once or twice a week I skipped dinner and just make peace with the WRP milk. And I eat the rice that I took the first time without adding anything more.

And you know what, I lost lots of kilos just by doing that. Wow, it makes me thing how much food I used to eat. I think nowadays I’m eating a normal portion like everyone else.

Now the slip, I’m very happy that I can slip back – or almost – into it, but it’s a bit tight around the thigh. Well from the readings that I got from the WRP machine, I need to build muscles along the legs. Since we’re starting Pilates for twice a week starting from next Monday at the office, hopefully that’ll work.

It takes La Perla!