Commitment is …

Pilates twice a week and trying my best to come to each session, regardless of the traffic of invitations that come beforehand.

I’ve committing myself to be tortured twice a week 🙂

I’ve always thought that Pilates is going to be slow just like Yoga. Many moons ago, I used to regularly went to Yoga classes until the time that I switched from the basic Yoga class to power Yoga. I quite like power Yoga, because the movement is dynamic and it isn’t as slow as the basic one. It’s quite face paced and make you sweat as well. But to get to the phase of power Yoga again, it would took me sometime.

And Pilates on the other hand is readily available for me. We have our forum member that is also a super great Pilates instructor that’s willing to come and teaches us Pilates for twice a week. We learned the basic and now after 10 sessions, I must say that Pilates is nowhere near Yoga. Maybe it does for some poses or holding them out for several seconds, but it’s not similar at all. And when the first couple of sessions we thought that we’ve been dripping with sweat, the last two sessions are nothing to be compared with the initial sessions. Those two were beyond brutal. It left my body aching everyone.

But, you know what, I think, I still want to be committed in doing this Pilates thing.

Commitment is …