CC Cream: Bigger & Bolder Promises?

CC Cream: Bigger & Bolder Promises?

Years ago people go gaga about BB Cream which I wasn’t too crazy about because instead of making my face looks livelier, it makes it dull instead because of its beige undertone.

Then come the CC Cream started by Chanel. I got the feeling that they jump right into the CC Cream bandwagon because it suits their CC interlock logo better. But all the hype surrounding the product make me want to try it, too bad they only have one very pale shade. But then come the Clinique CC Cream which has wide variety of shade choices and it’s very suitable for my skin tone! Currently writing review about it in FD, so you’re going to hear more about it there.

But it’s definitely my current staple face base product and it’s definitely worth the hype!

What’s next? DD Cream? Oh wait, there’s one already and no I haven’t tried it yet.


This is not about my latest Minimal obsession

This is not about my latest obsession on Minimal

Though in this photo I’m wearing my Minimal floral top. But this is about a jeans that I bought three years ago and I’ve only wore it once since I bought it because only weeks after I bought it, I couldn’t fit into it again *sigh*.

But since I’ve been loosing *ahem* couple of kilos, I thought I might give this jeans a go. And it fit perfectly fine! Yay! All the hard work in Pilates finally paid off and I’m not wasting my money buying a designer jeans that I will never fit. That ladies, what I called a return in investment – referring to the money I spend on Pilates sessions of course.