5 Wishlist from Cleo Fashion Award

It’s two weeks since Jakarta Fashion Week and I’ve been meaning to write this post since forever but the internet connection hasn’t been friendly at all for the last couple of weeks! That combines with me being lazy has been leaving me yet again neglecting my blog. But if there’s anything worth writing, it’s about my favourite show during JFW! It’s noneother than the Cleo Fashion Award. I love the show because it’s from labels that I’m actually wearing and secondly they always throw kick ass after party 😀

Some of the brands that participated in the Cleo Fashion Award also participated in the buyers room that opened until the opening day of JFW, which means I got the chance to actually touch, feel and see closely some of the items. Not good in a way that it leaves me with long wishlist. But considering I’m currently saving up for my next trip, I can’t afford to really put to much on the list.

So here are five items that I’m dying to have!

1. Olenka’s swimsuit!


Considering this weekend I’m going to Belitung and there are plethora of pretty beaches there, I’m dying to have this swimsuit at my disposal ASAP! But this is next season’s item, so there’s no chance that I’ll be able to have this till next year. But, oh well, there’s always another trip that I will need a swimsuit for, right? On another note, I love how this Bali-based label always manages to pull off such an exquisite prints. Like this particular print that is inspired by the life under the sea.


2. Rosalyn Citta’s sleek metal belt


The first time I saw her collection at the buyer’s room I’m immediately sold. I love how she take the otherwise traditional looking brass coloured metal into a more sleek take. Don’t get me wrong, I’m currently in love with the over the top traditional Manjusha accessories, but I also want something that is more demure that I can wore with little black dress. This is it!

3. Massicot resin necklace


Colourful accessories is just my cup of tea because most of my wardrobe consists of dark-coloured attire. Hence, the love for resin accessories. But I love Massicot take on resin that resembles the straits of colours you oftenly seen in gemstones. This particular show piece is of course quite pricey at about IDR 1,000,000 + but they usually sell it in single pendant at about IDR 200,000 to IDR 350,000. This particular collection capture my heart because of the combination of wood that subdued the brilliant turquoise. And you see the the turquoise cuban heels peeking from the heels? That’s also made from resin and equally to die for! But come on, another shoes, really?

4. Alex[a]lexa dress …. err… or cape? I can’t decide!


One of my favourite brands and I’m literally in awe with every single piece that I saw for this entire collection. What they previewed at CFA is only the tip of the iceberg. I can’t decide what I want! The white cape in particular is a new piece that Monique – the designer – sewn just days before the show, and since I’m a big fan of cape, I couldn’t stop staring at it when I first saw it on the runway. But that is until I saw the finale piece, that is a dress worn by Dominique! Unbelievably pretty and it flows so fluidly. I love satin dresses, and this one comes in pretty print.

This last piece isn’t in anyway fashion related, but since that day I was tweeting with Lenovo mobile phone, and my mobile phone has been quite unreliable these past few weeks, I’m seriously considering to get myself a new handset. With that said, I’m quite pleased with the Lenovo device that I used during the show and my friend suggested me to give K900 a try. So, humm, should I wrap this wishlist with Lenovo K900 at number 5?


Anyway, I’ve written the report on Cleo Fashion Award at Fashionese Daily. So if you want to know the full list of the nominees, you can read it here.

5 Wishlist from Cleo Fashion Award