Not Just an Arm Party!


I’m an accessories person. And I’ve just realised that mostly when I travel I bought something that is most likely a bracelet or cuff. And today’s arm party is an homage to the destinations that I’ve travelled:

1. The watch – Bought by Mom, not exactly my loot, when she visited Rome early last year. Her stories about the city made me and my Dad reminiscing on our family trip to Rome ages ago and that’s when it then spiraled into a full-blown family holiday planning to several countries in Europe that we  did at the end of last year. It all started from her me-time holiday.

2. A dog pendant made from jade – The dog represents my zodiac, and in a cornucopia of Chinese inspired and dragon dominated jade pendants, I was lucky to find this cute pendant. I bought this at the Scott’s market in Yangon. It always reminds me of the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda in its glorious golden colour and how it gleam after the rain. I’ve been dying to visit this landmark since day 1 I worked for ASEAN Secretariat and by finally visiting it, I’ve crossed one item from my bucket list. Visiting the pagoda alone was worth the trip. It also represents a milestone 🙂

3. Delftware bracelet – Bought in Amsterdam and it’s the pattern that mimic the famous Delftware. Long time ago, I dreamt of living in Delft but life has taken me to a different path. It’s of course for the better. Amsterdam was the first city that we visited during the family holiday end of last year and it leaves and impeccable mark on Raysa’s memory. Maybe one day she’ll be the one studying at TU Delft?

4. The white leather cuff – This is bought on my first trip to Bangkok and eversince that time, I’m head over heels with the city. I don’t mind going back again and again to Bangkok. It’s the second time around I leave Raysa for business trip after her birth.

Not Just an Arm Party!