It’s Time to Play!

Hopefully not in the dark! I’ve been meaning to post this since forever and never get the chance to really sit down and finish my post with all the craziness in my life. This past few days have been all work and no play! Until tonight, when everything shut down because of the area-wide power outage. I still have full battery supply on my laptop, so might as well finish this post.

When I said I’m all work and no play, I kinda miss my end of holiday moment with Raysa where play (and a little bit of shopping) is all there is!


… and when we freely goof around and take silly pictures 🙂

That makes me realise … did my daughter experiencing the same problem as I do? All work (or study in her case) and no play? Let’s do the calculation – thankfully her school though starts at 7AM but ends at 12.30PM. Afterward, she have private tutoring session for an hour in the afternoon. But I’ve been considering to put her some other extra classes to fine tune her writing and drawing skills.

But then it got me thinking about what I heard at Kids Rinso Today Project event that I attended through Mommies Daily invitation, when Dra. Mayke S. Tedjasaputra, M.Si that is also a play therapist (yes, there’s such profession I kid you not!) said that it’s important for kids that isn’t yet in school to have 5 hours of playtime and for kids that is starting to go to school the playtime is just a little less than that, depending on their age. That’s 5 hours. Every. Single. Day! No cheat day people where you can just binge on the play time in one day during the weekend. I can’t believe it’s that hard to fill in that 5 hours playtimeBut it need not be 5 consecutive hours *phew*. So will she have time for extra classes?

But she also said that the recess time during school time where usually Raysa spend it running around the basketball court just outside her class could be factor into the mandatory 5 hours playtime. Also, if your kid happens to walk his/her way to school, that could also be factor in. Raysa is also the type of kid who love to go to school around 30 minutes earlier so that she can spend some time playing outside the courtyard before the class session begins. So that’s basically an hour of outdoor playtime covered. Other than that she usually spend sometime in front of the TV creating some art project or messing around with her Lego. Eventhough watching TV in itself is not exactly considered as playing.

Here’s the part where I don’t really like – after her private tutoring session, she usually spend time playing games in one of the gadgets – I think less of this and more on intellectually stimulating games? Yay? Or even outside activity such as riding her bike, swimming or just running around on our terrace at the back. Sounds pretty much a better idea. Because maintaining a 50:50 ratio between active and passive playing variation, as well as 60 minutes of outdoor or sport activity is important. This will teach the kid on how to hone their skills in spatial concept and flexing their motoric control.

But much to my surprise even a simple word games in the morning that you play with your kid could be factor into the playtime. I also love to ask Raysa to help me with stuff while I’m cooking – basically, asking her to help me with chores and make it a fun way, which apparently a go as well. Big yay for me! I’m all in turning chores into a fun playtime session *big grin*.

What’s in it for the parents for letting them play for this long? Cause I’m sure the kids would love some more dedicated playtime, right! Apparently, maintaining the right balance between the time where they study and play will create a smart, self-sufficient and independent, as well as creative kid. A lot of things is easier learned by themselves in the playground instead of in the classroom. Things such as decision making, initiative, reasoning, leadership or followership can be learned by playing in the playground with other kids or just simply by building blocks of lego.

So it’s time to play for 5 hours, everyday, for Raysa from now onwards! All aboard? Yeap, because I want to see her happy playing face like these kids!

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It’s Time to Play!