The Pandora Box

Today is the day where they’re going to announce the Indonesian president-elect for the next term.

People said that this election signifies a big change – historical in its own way. I believe, whichever candidate that is given the mandate to become the next president, this election is still historical nonetheless. It’s not because of one or the other, but the nature of what’s going on in this election is what makes it so noteworthy for me.

Note that whoever win today, did not have a landslide victory. Which means almost half of the nation have an opposing view of who should lead the change in this next term. Because everyone believe their own version of change that they’re so yearning for. Never before have I seen friend, family or foe so divided or suddenly in bed with each other because they’re now at the opposite or same side.

To tell you the truth I was one of those people that are so happy that finally all of this is coming to an end. I was happy enough when the election day finally came because I don’t need to hear people poking at each other’s chosen candidate so crudely anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against the campaign itself. But I have everything against judging people by their political choice or in this sake candidate. Probably I will judge them by the reason they chose the candidate itself – whether you’re on the opposite side or on my side. Because I believe in this election each candidate have their own version of skeleton in their closet. If people believe otherwise, so be it. But whoever becomes the president elect today, let’s just say they come with their own version of Pandora box.

Well, with that believe I have been poking at my own candidate of choice left, right and centre to really see whether I would have a strong enough conviction to vote for him – in my case it was them, the whole package, that wins me over. Because for me, this is not a matter of faith, it’s a matter of making an informed choice.

And why do I write this post? Because one day I would want to remember this period of time of when the people around me are so divided and torn in half because of a presidential election. And why a lot people around me chose to bed the devil they know than the devil they don’t know.

The Pandora Box

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