When things are good, stick with it!

Last month’s pre-menstrual were monstrous. In fact the last couple of months were somewhat a horror on its own. I swear my hormones were erratic. Mood swing were apparent in the week following to it. I would be easily annoyed by unsubstantial matter. Yet feeling completely content by equally unsubstantial matter. Not enjoying the monstrous appetite that’s coming with it.

But one thing amaze me. I have no pre-menstrual zits. NONE! Though I have a pretty calm skin when it comes to acne, but come that time of the month there’s bound to be one or two hormonal acne in sight.

I have no bumps. No dullness. Perfect clear skin all month around.

I come to believe this is part and parcel thanks to History of Whoo Bichup Soon Hwan Essence. I bowed to your greatness. Though somewhat normal in maintaining hydration but the efficacy of keeping my skin in its normal state floored me. Of course, this is also due to the fact that I’m being prudent about my skincare routine – sometimes 10 steps, no less.


But that’s all about to change just because of one simple mistake named Astalift Essence Destiny. Raved and loved by many, but proven to be a complete bollocks on my skin. I have not one, but three zits popping in the two weeks that I used this essence. That’s is not counting the small bumps here and there. I’m appalled by how this product wreck havoc in my skin.

I should have just leave it at the perfect day in paradise with Soon Hwan *sigh*.

When things are good, stick with it!

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