On Pilates

There’s a famous quote on Pilates that many have probably heard of, it goes …

In 10 sessions you feel better.

In 20 sessions you look better.

In 30 sessions you have a completely new body.

The quote itself may have been overused to sell the greatness of the exercise but after almost 1.5 years of intermittently joining Pilates classes I have come to understand the true meaning of the quote.

When I first joined my Pilates session – which was a mat session -, I have very little expectation and being the ever so cynical person that I am I do not completely trust what has been written about the benefit of Pilates and the glorifying testimonials. It doesn’t help that my dear instructor told me that I’ve to commit to 10 sessions for the first batch of trial. At that time, it sounded like too much commitment for my lazy ass. Considering I’ve been off the exercising wagon for years and I have no experience with Pilates. How do I know I will love it? Or at least to have the perseverance to carry through the whole 10 sessions.

Surprisingly, my first session went with flying colours – I survived through the entire session without vomiting, fainting and a renewed spirit toward the word exercise. Before I knew it, 10 sessions goes by just in a blink of an eye. 

I feel better!

Because in Pilates I’ve found the right form of exercise that my body can accept. Though it’s often classified as a low impact exercise but it doesn’t go as slow in movement as the typical Yoga classes that I used to attend. For a beginner like me a Yoga class tends to drag too long and I’ve sort of lost momentum of excitement to push me over the edge of laziness and get back on the game. Pilates on the other hand have that right amount of low impact, flexibility and agility that I can gained from Yoga and it truly pushes my body to a new height each session. Hence, I feel better – physically and stamina-wise. 

I look better

One of the reasons I decided to exercise is because I’ve felt that I let myself stray too far and I want to take back the control of my body. I used to be able to climb one or two flight of stairs with ease. But for the last year or so before I started to exercising I often struggle to catch my breath at the end of the flight. I feel that physically and in terms of fitness level I was at the worst period of time. I may have not realised it immediately after 20 sessions, but by the time I hit my 3 months mark I can immediately see how I loose inches in most part of my body. The huge difference may very well be in terms of fitness level. After my 20th sessions I was in a marathon of overseas travel where I would walk a lot and much to my dismay I didn’t feel easily tired though I was walking between places for hours. I was overwhelmed by this!

Not to mentioned the overflowing praises of how I look significantly different and people keep asking for the number of my Pilates instructor. 

I have a completely new body

At the end of last year I feel like I have a new better lease deal on my body. Firstly, the exercise itself has made my body alignment to be significantly better. I have a better posture overall and I don’t slouch so much when I sit anymore. I stand taller now – chest out and straight, my instructor must be very proud of me now 🙂

Though as a little girl I once joined a ballet class that lends to my tip toeing habit and a little bit of gracefulness, but after the Pilates, I find a whole new level of grace. Pilates teaches you to move your spine eloquently. With grace. It gives you the foundation of how to move your body with such rhythm. In sync with one another. 

Secondly, of course I’ve built more muscle masses, more endurance and toner body. Shed some fats along the way as well. I see them as the bonus. 

Now after almost 8 months being on and off exercising, I’ve finally decided that it’s time to go back on the right path. I’m trying to venture into the reformer classes and it shows me a whole different ball game. 

On Pilates

The darkest hour

Even the best of us sometimes experience a moment of weakness.

From time and time again I sometimes ask myself … why? Why would I even bother? Why would I try? And in this momentarily lapse of judgement I want to quit. I want to stop trying. I want to just rid of every positivity around me and just be. 

I don’t think it’s faith. 

I think it’s just me not being able to be a quitter and believing that there’s always a good side to everything. Both my strengths and weaknesses. 


The darkest hour