4 Things I Hate About the Gym

The title itself might be misleading, I think it should read something like ‘5 Things I hate About the Gym/Pilates Studio/Yoga Studio or whichever studio you go for exercise’. However, since it’s too lengthy to write such title, I cut it short. But you get it right?

This isn’t a post where I would say I hate the gym and don’t exercise. Move along. I hate the gym and I still exercise.

This also isn’t a post about the merits of working out at home because it’s way cheaper and exercise doesn’t have to be expensive. It never works for me and I don’t think it will. Of the entire workout that I’ve tried from NTC, I usually only have enough perseverance to get through the first five minutes before I pick up the phone to call McDonald’s delivery. Happened once and it will happen again. I’m one of those people that need the motivation from the trainer to get my workout of choice done!

Now that I’ve cleared the air, let me start my rambling of the day.

After a year and a half trying to get myself into *ahem* healthier lifestyle, by at least exercising, it takes me to various corner of gym and studio. While I realised this is something I need, it doesn’t stop me from loathing several things from the experience. Here are four things I wouldn’t enjoy experiencing.

  1. A know it all or pain in the ass receptionist

As a newbie, I usually ask a lot of question regarding the timetable, the instructor, the sessions available and of course how much it will cost me. Time and time again, it irritates me that these receptionists carry themselves with holier than thou sort of attitude. Yes I know, I’m a novice and you’re the expert. Can we get this over done with?

  1. Everyone has a six pack abs that you’re drooling for and they’re all have the superwoman strength

While a lot of people sees this as a motivation, going to a place where everyone is an expert and they seems to flaunt everything that they have right, left and centre is not something that I’m looking for. I’m not competitive by nature so I never see this as a plus point. I think the flaunting is the thing I can’t stand the most!

  1. The style even more competitive than going to a fashion show

I always feel a little bit lost in a crowd where they look all fab and to the nines with top notch makeup. On top of that they’re all wearing the it item of the moment with the related exercise that you’re doing. Can we just focus of the exercise, please!

If this is a fashion show or some fancy party we’re talking about, than I would not even dare to open my mouth.

To be fair, I probably don’t want to be the only one drenching in sweats all smelly and looking like a disaster after the end of the workout session. Yes, mere mortal look that way after an hour of exercise.

  1. The scary instructor

There are all kinds of scary instructor; the overenthusiastic, the touch-my-butt-and-follow-the-lead, the listen-to-your-body, etc. They never bode well with me. I need just a little bit of push but not something with energizer bunny kind of push. I need a guidance, hence I go to a class session, so you better give me a bloody guidance *pissed*. And I think there’s never ever a right time to touch someone’s ass so early in the morning just to feel how their butt muscle contract. It happened. I don’t make this up.

Now. I bet everyone has their own version of scary instructor. Whatever form they take, they are my kind of kryptonite.




4 Things I Hate About the Gym

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