4 Things I Love About Soya

The saying that “you never know what you have until it’s gone” is indeed very true. Well, I’m not talking about a significant someone here *ahem* but I’m actually talking about tempe. Oh, my god, I could tweet (and probably instagram) so many status updates just talking about tempe. Wait, actually I did so much so that my friend could not believe that I would tweet about eating tempe goreng in the middle of the night is as glorious as a foie gras mousse atop a warm baguette and worth tweeting for (insert face palm emoticon here). Some years ago where I studied overseas tempe is a luxury for a uni student because it’s so damn pricey that the price is equal to 300 grams of beef – I rather pick the latter because the tempe they sold is just really tasteless and not airy enough. If you’ve deprived of the luxury of tempe for six years, you’ll come to appreciate it as much as I do. But my obsession toward soya product doesn’t end there. That’s only the first thing I love about soya.

The second thing I love about soya is soya milk! It’s among one of my favourite drinks especially when it’s cold and you add a fine thick palm sugar syrup into it just like how they usually serve it at a Japanese restaurant. It’s  a real treat on a bloody hot day.


Which bring us to my third and latest obsession: the soya pudding! I love how soya pudding have a lovely silky texture to it but have that soya after taste that I’m so fond of with a twist of flavour. The texture overall reminds me of kembang tahu. But usually after halfway through the plate, the blandness in taste of kembang tahu becomes really boring compared to the modernised execution of soya pudding with several flavours to choose from. My favourite are almond and green tea.

HSO-3-LiterBut I’m not finished yet. The last soya produce that I’m quite fond of is soya oil. As much as I love deep fried tempe, and I eat it like almost everyday, I know how very painstakingly unhealthy deep fried food are. So the humble tempe usually get an upgrade by deep frying it in another painstakingly expensive olive oil but healthier – so I get a piece of mind knowing that I put a little effort. But not only olive oil is expensive but it get hot rather fast so that often times it burns my favourite thinly sliced tempe mendoan. In search of the perfect oil to deep fried my tempe I found Happy Soya Oil that costs only a third of olive oil and is easily accessible in most supermarket! Soybean oil doesn’t get burn so easily so it’s a perfect choice for deep frying method. Since it’s rich in linolenic acid it’s considerably a healthier choice than your average cooking oil. It also doesn’t taste funny and fatty on my food so I’m really happy with the result it gives to my food. On top of that, you could also use this oil to emulsify your salad dressing (mix it with a bit of balsamic vinegar, lemon and sugar) in replacement of your extra virgin olive oil. Since I don’t use extra virgin olive oil that much other than for dressing, I always find it to be such a waste to be buying a whole big bottle. So knowing that soybean oil is kind of multipurpose just seal the deal for me.

But the highlight of it all is that soya is apparently good for the skin. Oh yes, I’m very much obsessed about my skin so whatever is good for my skin, bring them all! So if you haven’t already yet obsessing with soya as much as I do, you could start by switching your cooking oil and start your soya culture today!

4 Things I Love About Soya

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