The Recipe of Success in Instilling a New Habit


This is what truly means by being in your 30’s – that you have real friends that excel in their job and have the time to do workout amidst their busy work schedule and for some, family. But it’s not just about habits and how you manage your times, your physique starts to show some signs of your age. Oh, yes, again the horrid of realising that age is really catching up with you and you begun to realise that you yourself need to take the joke of managing your time to squeeze in some of workout times.

I guess it’s cliché if I tell you that I’m used to be a couch potato – I still am – and I managed to drag myself regularly to the studio nowadays at least twice a week. I guess like any other thing in life the real key of instilling this habit part and parcel relies in discipline. You set a standard for yourself how many times a week you’re willing to commit – mine is twice a week – and try without fail to fulfil this target no matter one. Once you get into the habit of this discipline it will just work round the clock automatically that your body and mind will demand it.  Much like waking up at the right time for work in the morning.

Secondly time allocation. I don’t think I have more than an hour a day to workout and that’s why I love a 60-minutes studio session that is compact. I once tried a 90-minutes Yoga session and it truly wreak havoc to my routine. I came home too late or arrive at the office too late. Apparently 90 minutes is much harder to squeeze to my routine compared to 60 minutes – albeit only 30 minutes in difference. Time also means that the schedule of the workout works well to yours. Of course going to the gym is best in terms of time flexibility because it means you could come anytime you want. Fix schedule means that you have to attend at that specified time – which is why I choose this type of workout because if I leave the decision in my hands I have the tendency to flake. Classes conducted early in the morning or right after 6PM works great for me because that means I don’t have to come home too late.

Lastly accessibility. The easier your gym or studio is the less you will resent going there. You could choose somewhere that is near your home or office. If you workout more during weekdays and your home is quite far from the office, with Jakarta traffic I suggest to pick gym or studio that is nearer to your office. Whereas if your allocated time to workout is during the weekend and/or the distance between your office and home doesn’t take that long to reach, I really prefer somewhere closer to home.

An addition, by all means get some attires that makes you happy working out and don’t feel miserable in.

The Recipe of Success in Instilling a New Habit

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