Throwback: The First Makeup Brand


MAC will always have a sentimental value in my heart. Though by now, as a full fledged beauty addict, I’ve outgrown the brand.

I got first introduced to the brand when I was in my first year middle school. My mom visited Canada few times that year and she got hooked on the brand. She said that this makeup brand is literally everywhere there.

Since that was the year of the sexy maroon lips sported by Drew Barrymore at the Guess campaign, I couldn’t pass the chance to get myself a tube of similar-looking lipstick when my mom offered. It was MAC lipstick in Marrakech.

It was then as I held my first tube of serious lipstick that I knew my affair with makeup will not be a short one.

While I’ve venture to many different brands over the years, my mom is still loyal to MAC till this day. These are the empties from Mom’s stash that I brought to MAC store in Singapore for Back2MAC. It’s a programme where you can exchange six empty packaging with a brand new regular packaging lipstick. Sweet, huh?

Unfortunately we don’t have similar programme here in Indonesia. Nearest place that you could do your exchange is in Singapore.

Throwback: The First Makeup Brand

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