Exfoliators, Too Good That You Want To Go Overboard With It

More than a decade ago I came home after I finished my study overseas in the midst of winter. The centre stage here is actually my skin that is suffering from the abrupt weather change from winter to the humid Jakarta weather. All hell break loose. Itchy, scaly, dull, yada yada yada. A moment in my skin history that I don’t wish to revisit.

As a religious Clinique 3-step user at the time, I was introduce to the Clinique Total Turnaround, I forget the name since it was ages ago and the product has been reformulated several times eversince. It said to help unveil a better skin and take away all the flaky dead skin cells because the acid (AHA/BHA) contained within this product will help the dead skin cells to detach from the healhy ones. Thus, revealing the healthy skin on the layer beneath it to make the appearance of your skin healthier, smoother and brighter.

I was so in love with the result. It was mindblowing. My skin looked so good that I kept wanting to use it. Before I realise it I’ve finished 3 tubes and somewhat other products from the range. In short, I was abusing the magic of exfoliator that it became so sensitive that I have to give my right of exfoliator away. It was a sad day. But that was also the moment that I got introduce to SK-II and Estee Lauded.

Years went by and I’ve tried here and there to rekindle my love to resurfacer to no avail. My skin goes red, itchy and sting to high heaven everytime it gets in contact with AHA/BHA that is more than 6% im formulation.

But throughout the years I’ve also perfected my skincare routine – double cleansing, double toning, massage, pre essence, solid bottles of serum and of course moiturisers. I tried to avoid sls, pick ingredients that work for me, do more research. I’ve managed to live with my shortcomings – a dry and sensitive skin.

What I gather over the years: exfoliating toner is not all evil as long as you balance it woth hydrating toner; physical exfoliation will only aggravate my dryness; AHA acids work better on my dry skin.


Last week I tried the infamous Sunday Riley Good Genes – I pick the word infamous also because they’re known for the ridiculously pricey $$$. It’s filled with lactic acid – AHA, means it’s ok for me – and all sorts of extra.

What I did is every night I will use it after I double tone and after my toner dries out, put a layer and don’t put any other product on top of it. I put big faith in this product as it already garner so many positive reviews.

First day went smoothly, too smooth for my skin in fact. It doesn’t feel dehydrated at all. The next three days I start noticing little bumps, my skin is purging. But the next morning after this occur my skin looks more radiant and smoother. God, how I miss resurfacer product. They’re god sent! But by the sixth and seventh days obviously my skin is starting to suffer in the hydration department.

My verdict? Well, this product certainly live up to its hype. But I’m still squinting over the fact that it’s so bloody $$$. I couldn’t help to wonder how it wage against Clinique Turnaround that is only half the price.

Exfoliators, Too Good That You Want To Go Overboard With It

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