It’s All in the Blue

I love red lipstick.

I love blue-tone red lipstick evenmore.

The most famous one would be MAC In Russian Red. It has a nice tinge of blue in the tube but it’s not too cool that it’s universally flattering for every skin tone. Unfortunately MAC lipstick isn’t something that I pick up easily because it’s my lips nemesis. It makes my lips dry. Real dry!

While I don’t have the famous Russian Red, these three are my go to blue-tone red lipstick.

Clockwise: Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani #400, NARS Red Lizzard & Hera #19

By the look of the bullets you know they get lots of love from yours truly.

Tone & shade-wise they all look pretty similar. With Hera being the coolest in tone of them all. The difference between each of them are the feel and texture. NARS, being NARS, it’s very drying and feels thick on my lips. But the colour is matte, deep and opaque. It stays like it means business. Hera lipstick is super moisturising, glides on smoothly and if I blot and do a couple layers it stays on reasonably. While the Armani one is similar with Hera but it melts quite easily so it’s not a good idea to bring it inside your makeup case.

So here’s a swatch comparison.


It’s All in the Blue

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